Flat Panel Troffer, Generation 2 – 2×4

Flat Panel LED Troffer fixtures designed for grid-system ceilings with 0-10V dimming included. Model shown with and without optional battery backup.

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These flat panel LED fixtures reorient the light source to the panel and ensure brightness, providing a skylight-like appearance, smooth distribution, and a powerful value. A white extruded aluminum frame, steel backing, optional battery backup, quality LED driver, and versatile control options make the Flat Panel Troffer Gen 2 a quality, high-efficacy product. At less than 1/2” thick, our flat panels are extremely light and minimal – making them easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing to your current design.


  • Output of 3,125 – 7,500 lumens
  • Less than 1/2” thick
  • Fits standard ceiling grid systems
  • Optional battery backup
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Smooth, even distribution, spreads light out over entire surface
  • Durable power supply / junction box


  • Long-lasting, reduces maintenance costs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Units are designed to mount in ceiling grid; optional surface-mount
  • Energy-efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting
  • Easy installation in tight places like ceilings with shallow plenums and the whole unit can be replaced in seconds
  • Reduces glare and harshness
  • 0-10V dimming included
  • Easily install wired lighting controllers such as our new ETG-CSHOP
  • 50,000+ hrs lifespan
  • Check www.designlights.org/ for which versions are DesignLights
    Consortium® (DLC).

Model Lineup

2x4 Flat Panel
ETG-T24-WL850-36W48" x 24" x 0.4"805000K4,50036125
ETG-T24-WL840-36W48" x 24" x 0.4"804000K4,50036125
ETG-T24-WL850-60W48" x 24" x 0.4"805000K7,50060125
ETG-T24-WL840-60W48" x 24" x 0.4"804000K7,50060125
2x2 Flat Panel
ETG-T22-WL840-25W24" x 24" x 0.4"804000K3,12525125
ETG-T22-WL850-36W24" x 24" x 0.4"805000K4,50036125
ETG-T22-WL840-36W24" x 24" x 0.4"804000K4,50036125
1x4 Flat Panel
ETG-T14-WL840-25W48" x 12" x 0.4"804000K3,12525125
ETG-T14-WL840-36W48" x 12" x 0.4"804000K4,50036125
ETG-T14-WL850-36W48" x 12" x 0.4"805000K4,50036125


Part Number AdderDescription - built on the light
P1ON/OFF 120~277 VAC, 0-10 Dimming
Additional Adder OptionsDescription - built on the light
P14Battery Back up
Accessory OptionsDescription
ETG-SWI-087Slide Dimmer 0-10 V dc control
ETG-DIM-SLD-06Slid Dimmer in 2x4 box with 2 top and 2 bottom 1/2" conduit 6' foot cable
ETG-DIM-SLD-12Slid Dimmer in 2x4 box with 2 top and 2 bottom 1/2" conduit 12' foot cable
ETG-T14-SMF1'x4' Surface Mount Frame
ETG-T22-SMF2'x2' Surface Mount Frame
ETG-T24-SMF2'x4' Surface Mount Frame

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-272Click Here to Download
Combined BookletHL-303Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0027Click Here to Download
DatasheetLMAN0028Click Here to Download
Flat Panel Troffer Series IES FilesClick Here to Download
5 Year WarrantyWarranty PageClick Here to Download


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