About Horner Lighting

Horner APG, comprised of Horner Automation and Horner Lighting groups, is a U.S.-based, global leader in commercial automation and LED lighting. Through our customer-centric vision and innovative focus, we provide truly value-added solutions exceeding our customer’s and our partner’s expectations.

Horner Lighting Group is the leader in Solid State and Remote Phosphor lighting technology, providing an innovative approach for creating increased light output and sustainable energy savings in LED lighting applications.  Horner Lighting Group’s advanced technology reduces glare, lessens color shift, increases efficiency, reduces heat, and enhances lifecycle. Adding a Horner OCS controller to automate the lighting process further increases savings and functionality.

With proven success in a wide variety of applications, Horner luminaires are ideal for:

Parking Lot and Garage  •  Inspection Lighting Applications

Hazardous Locations  •  Agriculture/Nurseries

Retail Environments  •  Overhead Canopy  •  Indoor Warehouse

Gymnasiums  •  Security Lighting  •  Exterior Building Lighting

Automated Lighting Systems  •  Trails/Roadways  •  Area/Perimeter

The Horner Lighting Group advantage revolves around a flexible business model, adapting to many different customer needs and offering comprehensive services and high quality products. From smart grid solutions to state-of-the-art LED Remote Phosphor lighting technology and automated lighting controls, Horner’s products can reduce or offset much of your electricity and maintenance costs.

The main focus of Horner Lighting Group, a division of Horner APG, LLC., is to service customer needs. We strive to make our customers’ businesses and lives more effective and efficient. This is accomplished by reducing operational costs through reduced power usage, improved fixture effectiveness and visibility, and providing a solution which requires the lowest maintenance possible. Horner Lighting Group designs, manufactures, and distributes from our Indianapolis, Indiana facilities.