Apr 20 2022

Adjustable Wall Pack Series

Designed to replace, and outlast, traditional HID fixtures, the Horner Adjustable Wall Pack Series offers versatility, enhanced illumination, and profitable ROI. Available in 3 options (50W, 120W and 100W), the Adjustable Wall Pack Series is well-suited for outdoor entry and perimeter applications such as warehouses, industrial complexes, retail settings, commercial realty, and many more. The

Mar 30 2022

Tunable Flat Panel Fixture

These Edge-lit, low-profile fixtures reorient the light source to the panel and ensure brightness, providing a skylight-like appearance, even distribution, and a powerful value. They offer tunable wattage and dimming for enhanced light control. Our Flat Panels are extremely light and minimal – making them easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing to your current design.

Feb 14 2022

Horner Lighting / White Linear Series

Our 4ft. and 8ft. White LED Linears are powerful, efficient, and some of them are even DLC certified. Utilizing the same proven design as our flagship Remote Phosphor LED Linears, we have translated that over into the realm of White LEDs. Perfect for high bay lighting applications in industrial settings, retail, or manufacturing, our White

Jun 10 2021

Finding Flaws & Imperfections…

Horner Lighting's NEW RGB Inspection Light -The ETG-HLS100-RGB is designed to work alongside Horner’s lighting control system, an RGB enclosure with X7 Controller with simple display operation. An RGB controller with enclosure is required to operate the ETG-HLS100-RGB. The tightly-coupled LEDs are mixed behind an optical lens cover to provide even coverage, variable amounts of


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