4ft. RP LED Linear – 4 Modules

Horner Lighting Group offers a variety of  linear remote phosphor luminaire options. Along with a multitude of add-on accessories for any situation, our line of Linear Remote Phosphor LED products are a perfect fit for indoor high, low and aisle bay applications.

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The award-winning, state-of-the-art Horner LED Linear Remote Phosphor series offers the greatest flexibility to suite a variety of applications. Available with high, medium, and low bay reflector options, the LRP series can be equipped with a variety of controls options, including various automation, dimming, and power options.

Sizes also fit any application – available up to 6 tubes per fixture, 4 or 8 foot sections. The sleek, rugged LRP design and variety of luminaire output options leads to time savings during installation and long-term energy cost savings. A variety of CRI and lumen output options can be customized to fit any illumination need, from detailed settings requiring a high CRI to aisle or warehouse work environments needing sufficient, safe light.


  • Instant strike
  • Glare free and uniform light distribution
  • High CRI options
  • Dimmable option, enabling the use of occupancy sensors for power savings
  • Universal AC input/full range, 120~277 VAC
  • Made in USA with global components


  • Up to 30% higher system efficacy compared to conventional LEDs
  • Smooth light output, even when dimmed
  • No glass, no mercury
  • ETL*
  • Longer lifetime
  • 5-year warranty

*Excludes H series and specific additional adder options. Please contact factory for validation of full part number ETL approval.

Additional information

Weight17 lbs
Dimensions19 × 55 × 5 in
Model Number

Model Lineup


Total WattsLumens/WattTemperatureL90 Hours
ETG-LRP-4320805000K30,400*48095-30 to 40C>96,000
ETG-LRP-4320H805000K35,200*480110-40 to 50C>96,000


Part Number AdderDescription    4ft.      4ft. H
P4Dimming 120~277 VACYESYES
Part Number AdderDescription    4ft.       4ft. H   
C35000K 90 CRI RedYESNO
C44000K 90 CRI RedYESNO
# TubesWeightWidthLengthHeight
4 Tubes14.6 lbs.15.1″49.00″3.00″

Part Number Adder

B14Raised Unistrut Mount
B16Clip on Unistrut Mount
B17Combined Raised Unistrut Mount + Clip on Unistrut Mount
B18Bumpers for Window Mount
B19Double High Clip on Unistrut Mount
D1Step Dimming 30-100%
D2Step Dimming 50-100%
D3Step Dimming Adjustable
D4Rotary Dimmer
E1Conformal coated Board
G16 ft cord with Molded 5-15 120 VAC Plug
G26 ft cord with Molded L7-15 277 VAC Plug
M1ON/OFF Motion
M2ON/OFF Motion Cold
R1 Remote Mount Driver with 10 foot cable
Product NumberDescription
ETG-WLBR015-25ft. White Low Bay Reflector
ETG-LBR115-25ft. Low Bay Reflector
ETG-HBR125-40ft. High Bay Reflector
ETG-ABR130ft Aisle or 40ft Area Reflector
ETG-YSM-5x2 Y-Style mounts, 2 hooks/ea, 5ft cable
(will mount 1 linear light)
ETG-WHM-5x2 single wire mounts, 1 hook/ea, 5ft cable
(will need 2 sets to mount 1 linear light)
ETG-YTM-10x2 Y-Style mounts, 2 toggle ends, 10ft cable
(will mount 1 linear light)
ETG-PSMx1 pendant style mount
(no mounting cables)
ETG-AY2T-12Two non-adjusting toggle mounts
12 in (will mount One, 4 or 6-Tube Linear)
ETG-AY2T-18Two non-adjusting toggle mounts
1 in (will mount One, 4 or 6-Tube Linear)

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-136Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0009Click Here to Download
DatasheetLMAN0008Click Here to Download
LRP Series IES FilesClick Here to Download