RGB Inspection Light

The ETG-HLS100-RGB is designed to work alongside Horner’s lighting control system, an RGB enclosure with X7 Controller with simple display operation. An RGB controller with enclosure is required to operate the ETG-HLS100-RGB.

The ETG-HLS100-RGB features an integrated driver/controller that allows precise control of the LED output and color. The system is powered via low voltage 48 volt DC to eliminate high voltage power in production and inspection areas. The controller is connected via standard cat 5 cables and can be daisy chained to support multiple lights with individual or coordinated control.

Non adjustable toggle mounts included with each fixture (ETG-AY2T-12). Please contact factory for additional display programming service options.   

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Optimizing unique color outputs to benefit an array of inspectable materials, the ETG-HLS100-RGB houses red, green, and blue LEDs in one efficient, practical unit. A high-power color-mixing floodlight, the ETG-HLS100-RGB is designed for use in paint inspection. The tightly-coupled LEDs are mixed behind an optical lens cover to provide even coverage, variable amounts of light, and illuminating precision. Great for materials such as stainless steel, different types of wood, various paints, and stonework, the ETG-HLS100-RGB’s unique color patterns help you detect most product flaws or imperfections.


  • Plug & Play Ready
  • Very high output color mixing flood luminaire for industrial inspection
  • Wide flood distribution for large inspection areas
  • Industrial enclosure for harsh environments
  • Easy to use controls with options to interface into many industrial control systems (Ethernet, CAN, etc.)
  • Includes power supply


Wattage100 watts total color / 100 watts of red, OR green, OR blue or a mix
Red Typical Wavelength620 nm
Green Typical Wavelength530 nm
Blue Typical Wavelength470 nm
Beam AngleAdjustable with different lens
Ambient Temperature-40º C to 50º C
Fixture ColorClear annodized
Weight11 lbs 15 oz
EnclosureExtruded aluminum
Warranty5 years
Mounting (standard)Adjustable mounting brackets / pendant cable
ETG-BKT-B37One set of 2 linear clip on mounting brackets for surface mounting. (Will Mount 1 Luxor linear light)
ETG-BKT-HLS-PD1Pendant mount, ¾ inch for Luxor series
Wire HarnessContact factory for additional wire harness options

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