IAS is an electrical controls and automation components distributor based in Portland, ME. Founded in 1993 by Chris LeBel, IAS focuses on serving the Original Equipment Manufacturers market in New England, as well as manufacturing end users in a variety of industries.They were renovating their warehouse space and needed to replace their run-of-the-mill fluorescent lights that created shadows and wasn’t conducive to working with fine tools and instruments.


Mark Chapman, IAS Systems Group Manager, initially chose Horner for this application because they were already customers of our Automation division. Horner Lighting used our knowledge, expertise and service to make the process extremely easy, and to help IAS determine the lighting they needed in the space they had.


IAS chose Horner’s ETG-CHS150S High Bay fixtures that have a powerful light engine with four different distributions. They produce 18,000 lumens and include a standard dimming feature. “It looks fantastic, it’s going to last, and we’re really excited with the final product. Safe to say we are all very satisfied with the lights and the improvement that it made to the other side of our wall. Honestly, to pardon the pun, it’s like night and day in there now!” (Mark Chapman) “Now the lights are so bright and cover the room so effectively that there’s barely a shadow in the entire warehouse!” (Nick LeBel, IAS)