Next Generation Sustainable Lighting Solutions
Horner Lighting
  • Horner Lighting Group, a division of Horner APG, prides itself on being the main driver of innovation in the field of LED Remote Phosphor Lighting. Horner’s unique product designs have superior efficacy, glare reduction, even light distribution, and lifecycle improvement.
  • Our strategic goal is to be the main driver of innovation in the field of sustainable energy solutions and to focus on a unique approach to the energy efficient market. This has led Horner to excel, offering a true turnkey solution for a more advanced ecological future.

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    Innovation & Control
  • Horner Lighting Group combines LED Remote Phosphor technology with Horner OCS automation products to achieve a new level of quality and efficiency.
  • The combination offers the perfect solution – vivid lighting options seamlessly integrated with intelligent control products. Providing premiere lighting and automation technology, Horner outshines the competition for the next generation of sustainable lighting solutions.

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    Remote Phosphor
  • Horner Lighting Group utilizes a state-of-the-art approach to Remote Phosphor Technology as a move-forward method for creating sustainable savings in LED outdoor and indoor lighting applications.
  • With Remote Phosphor Technology, the phosphor element is separate from the LED plate and is not bonded to the diode itself. Without the bond, Royal Blue LEDs are illuminated from behind the remote phosphor plate, emitting pure white light. This advanced technology creates glare reduction, lessens color shift, increases efficiency, and enhances product lifecycle.

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