Apr 12 2023

IAS Inc Testimonial

Nate Schnelker (with Horner) has been a great help in choosing the right solution for upgrading our lighting for our newly acquired panel shop production floor space. I anticipate we will be building many control systems with Horner products installed in them in this new space very soon! ~ Mark Chapman, IAS Inc., Portland, ME

Nov 21 2022

Linear Inspection

Typical phosphor converted LED lighting starts with a blue LED light source where phosphor is added to the LED package converting the blue light into a mixture of light that appears white. Instead of placing the phosphor directly on the LED, we use a remote phosphor technology that places the phosphor away from the LED.

Jul 7 2022

Hazardous Location Fixtures – HHB & HLL

Engineered, tested, and certified to withstand the most extreme application environments, the Horner Hazardous Location High Bay Series (HHB) and Hazardous Location Linear (HLL) are efficient, powerful, and durable. Built to withstand corrosion, extreme vibration, dust, dirt, moisture, wind, snow, water, high ambient temperatures, the HHB and HLL are even explosion-proof. WATCH NOW...

Feb 14 2022

Horner Lighting / White Linear Series

Our 4ft. and 8ft. White LED Linears are powerful, efficient, and some of them are even DLC certified. Utilizing the same proven design as our flagship Remote Phosphor LED Linears, we have translated that over into the realm of White LEDs. Perfect for high bay lighting applications in industrial settings, retail, or manufacturing, our White


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