Tri-Proof Linear (LEGACY)

Sealed LED tube(s) used for moisture or dust envionments. IP65 Ratings. All fixture include a pigtail attachment for connecting to a power source. Most products are ETL and DLC please visit the ETL or DLC website for up to date information.

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Ideal for harsh environments, the Horner Tri-Proof Linear has a powerful combination of being water and dust-proof, as well as being moisture and impact resistant. With a smooth even-output, the minimalist design of the Tri-Proof Linear is clean and compact – great for applications such as refrigeration, task lighting, agriculture, or other low-clearance/tight environments. With the ability to daisy-chain up to 12 fixtures together, you can quickly engineer a lighting layout to perfectly suit most applications.


  • 3 year warranty backed by U.S. company founded in 1949
  • Aluminum thermal management ensure LEDs run cool for longer life
  • Resistant to moisture, dust, impact reduces maintenance costs and down time
  • Water-proof design does not rely on adhesives which can fail over time
  • Rated IP65


  • Output of 2,150 lumens
  • Engineered with quality, metal frame
  • Units utilize clips for surface mount and/or adjustable built-in mounts for pendant
  • Integrated driver minimizes fixture impact – sleek, minimial design ideal for tight/low spaces
  • Water-proof incoming power enables daisy-chain for up to 12 individual fixtures
  • Ideal for typical wet environments of -20 to 35˚ C (-4 to 95˚ F)


  • 80 CRI standard enhances color and clarity
  • Smooth, even distribution, spreads light out over entire surface
  • Polycarbonate light diffuser produces smooth, even ligt output
  • Typical mounting heights of 6’ – 12’


  • Typical payback of 6 – 24 months
  • Potential for rebate savings through DLC certifications (refer to DLC QPL at
  • Up to 108 lumens/watt


  • General task lighting
  • Retail environments
  • Commercial
  • Refrigeration
  • Agriculture
  • Inspection lighting

Model Lineup

ETG-TRI-WL850-20W48" x 2" x 2"805,000K2,15020108
ETG-TRI-WL840-20W48" x 2" x 2"804,000K2,15020108
contact factory for additional CCT options


Part NumberDescription
ETG-TRI-WL840-20W3800-4200K, 80 CRI, 2150 lm, 120 degree beam angle, 20 Watt, 100-277 VAC, 50/60 Hz (UL)
ETG-TRI-WL850-20W4700-5300K, 80 CRI, 2150 lm, 120 degree beam angle, 20 Watt +/- 10%, 100-277 VAC, 50/60HZ (UL)
Tri Proof Series Accessory OptionsDescription
ETG-CBL-TRI-EFM-6Extension for between Tri Proof Lights, IP65 Female and Male Connectors, 2m UL cable length

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-286Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0066Click Here to Download
3 Year WarrantyWarranty PageClick Here to Download


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