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Improve ROI, grow your business, and breathe easy with the yield-improving technology of LED Linear Grow Lights. Among the most carefully designed series in the horticultural lighting industry, LED Linear Grow Lights not only improve the output of energy needed for environmental agriculture, but also the yield of their crops. Through a strategic combination of deep red, royal blue, or optional amber, green, and white LEDs, the entire spectrum of the PAR range is utilized for improving plant growth, and maintaining facility costs. The simple installation, low-heat, and durable design position LED Linear Grow Lights as an efficient investment sure to make your organization bloom.   

Linear LED Grow Series is used for replacement fixtures in indoor applications for horticultural needs. Non adjustable toggle mounts included with each fixture (ETG-AY2T-12).

Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 9 modules, 8′ options, multiple LED color options, custom combinations

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Below are our main Grow Light Spectrum options, however, Horner Lighting is
extremely flexible and willing to customize whatever you need!

LED Color Option C20 – Red/Blue Mix – 2.4 µMol/Watt

Red: 66.58%; Far Red: 0.07%; Blue: 19.10%; Yellow/Green: 14.24%

LED Color Option C25 – Purple w/12.5% Blue – 2.3 µMol/Watt

Red: 46.73%; Far Red: 9.30%; Blue: 14.77%; Yellow/Green: 29.20%

LED Color Option C28 – White – 2.7 µMol/Watt

Red: 16.10%; Far Red: 1.13%; Blue: 18.07%; Other: 64.70%

LED Color Option C29 – Purple/White – 2.4 µMol/Watt

Red: 25.49%; Far Red: 3.73%; Blue: 20.50%; Yellow/Green: 50.28%

LED Color Option C40 – White/Deep Red – 2.8 µMol/Watt

Red: 31.26%; Far Red: 0.89%; Blue: 13.97%; Yellow/Green: 53.87%

Model Lineup

ETG-WLL-1080-P1-C293.53 lbs.49"L x 3.1"W x 3"H80207211
ETG-WLL-2160-P1-C297.3 lbs.49"L x 6.1"W x 3"H160414422
ETG-WLL-3240-P1-C2910.9 lbs.49"L x 10.6"W x 3"H240621633
ETG-WLL-4320-P1-C2914.6 lbs.49"L x 15.1"W x 3"H320828844
ETG-WLL-6480-P1-C2921.8 lbs.49"L x 24.1"W x 3"H48012421266
ETG-WLL-9720-P1-C2932.7 lbs.49"L x 34.7"W x 3"H72018631899
8' Features


Power Options and Color Temperature
Linear Grow Power Supply
Part Number AdderDescription - built on the light
P1 (standard)ON/OFF 120~277 VAC
P2 (Not available for 80 watt)480 VAC
P4Dimming 120~277VAC
Color Options and Ratios
Part Number AdderDescription - built on the light
C205:1 Red/Blue Adjustable
C25Purple w 12.5% Blue
C29 (standard)Purple/White
C53Green only
Mounting Accessory Option
Part NumberDescription
ETG-BKT-B27One set of 2 Linear Clip on mounting bracket for units with power supplies with unistrut / surface mounting, brackets and screws
Suggested Reflectors
Part NumberDescription
ETG-WLBR01 low bay 4 ft white reflector with 2 clips, highly reflective with 98%
diffused reflector
ETG-LBR11 low bay 4 ft specular reflector with 2 clips, 52° angle light distribution
ETG-HBR11 high bay 4 ft specular reflectors with 2 clips, 44° angle light distribution
ETG-ABR11 aisle bay 4 ft specular reflectors with 2 clips, 33° angle light distribution

Features & Benefits

• Anodized, extruded aluminum frame for superior thermal management
• Open frame allows for maximum sunlight exposure
• 120~277 VAC operation (optional 347/480V)
• Replaces up to 2000W+ high-intensity discharge (HID) fixtures
• 5-year warranty
• Damp rated for high humidity locations
• Standard 5:1 Red/Blue fixed ratio for basic, traditional growing cycles
• Spectrum tuning option (red, blue, far red, green, purple, white) enables custom growing preferences
• Lime green option turns red/blue light white for task/inspection purposes
• Unique purple option provides wide red distribution including far red with longer life and lower cost
• Made in USA with global components
• Energy efficient, low heat LEDs
• Safe for your organization - no glass, mercury, or lead
• Reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs
• Red/Blue LED combination designed within essential spectral regions covering full PAR for optimal plant growth
• Safe for your crops – even light distribution, no hot spots
• Quick, versatile mounting
• Compact, durable design

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-302Click Here to Download
Combined BookletHL-303Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0032Click Here to Download
Case StudyHL-282Click Here to Download
5 Year WarrantyWarranty PageClick Here to Download


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