CHB Series – CHB150


Circular High Bay 150 Watts with Surge Protection, On/Off 120~277 VAC Input, 80 CRI & 5000K, with 0-10 resistant dimming included, standard model comes with hook mount.

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Designed to replace, and outlast, traditional 400W HID fixtures, the Horner Circular High Bay CHB150 watt offers versatility, enhanced illumination, and profitable ROI. With three optional reflectors of either aluminum or clear acrylic, the CHB series is well-suited for indoor industrial and retail applications such as groceries, department stores, gymnasiums and warehouses. The quality and durability of this powerful series ensures it will outshine the competition for years to come.



  • Dimming Standard
  • Longer lifetime
  • Universal AC input/full range, 120~277 VAC
  • No mercury
  • 5-year warranty
  • Field-installable reflector options
  • Instant strike
  • -40˚C to 50˚C ambient temperature
  • Save on energy and maintenance costs
  • Low-cost, high efficacy – lower power yielding higher lumens
  • Lightweight and easy to isntall – one person vs. an entire crew
  • IP65 Dust and Water protectin UL wet-rated


  • Motion sensor option
  • Traditional, round profile
  • Optional aluminum reflectors of either 90° or 60°; or a 70° acrylic
  • Powerful light engine creates even output with 4 different distribution options
  • Hook for simple, one-man installation
  • Quality, space-age materials
  • Rated for 180,000 hrs at L70
  • Rated for 51,000 hrs at L90

Model Lineup

ETG-CHB24014.2 lbs.10.15"H x 11.42"W805000K33,120240138>51,000 hrs.>180,000 hrs.
ETG-CHB20014.2 lbs.9.76"H x 11.42"W805000K27,200200138>51,000 hrs.>180,000 hrs.
ETG-CHB15010.7 lbs.8.94"H x 10.24"W805000K20,550150137>51,000 hrs.>180,000 hrs.
ETG-CHB1009.7 lbs.8.94"H x 10.24"W805000K13,900100139>51,000 hrs.>180,000 hrs.



8.5 lbs
Part NumberDescriptionLead Time
ETG-HBR-RALHigh bay aluminum reflector with 60° angle light distributionStk – 6 weeks
ETG-HBR-RACHigh bay acrylic reflector with 70° angle light distributionStk – 6 weeks
ETG-LBR-RALLow bay aluminum reflector with 90° angle light distributionStk – 6 weeks

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-203Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0036Click Here to Download
DatasheetLMAN0037Click Here to Download
CHB Series IES FilesClick Here to Download