Atlas Shoebox / Parking / Area / Flood Series


The Shoebox fixtures are designed for outdoor lighting in parking lots and walk-ways, and provides superior efficiency, reduced glare and even lighting output. These fixtures are lightweight with a low profile and optional mounting arm.

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Light up your lot, building, surrounding areas (and savings) with the versatile output of the Horner Shoe Box Parking/Area/Flood Series. Ideal in most parking applications, the Atlas Shoebox excels in perimeter, pathway, flood, general area, and flood projects. The lightweight durable, design, along with a universal mounting bracket, minimizes waste while maximizing efficiency and ROI. With three wattage options, we’re sure to find a solution to exceed your organization’s requirements and expectations.


  • Premium, top-tier LEDs
  • 5 year warranty backed by U.S. company founded in 1949
  • Quality driver and 20 kV surge, standard
  • Superior LED thermal management
  • -40ºC to 50ºC ambient temperature ensures long lifetime in a variety of conditions


  • Replaces 250-1,000 watt fixtures
  • Clean, even distribution
  • UV stable polycarbonate lens does not yellow over time
  • Typical mounting heights of 15’ – 35’


  • Output of 15,000 – 36,000 lumens
  • Engineered with cast aluminum magnesium alloy for lightweight, durable housing
  • One universal mount that works as a slip fitter, square and round pole mount
  • IP65 Dust and Water protection UL wet-rated
  • Dual process coating with electrophoresis and TGIC powder coat provides years of environmental/corrosion protection


  • Typical payback of 12 – 24 months
  • Up to 150 lumens/watt
  • 7-Pin socket for third-party sensors or controls


  • Ideal for parking lots
  • Highly effective in dealer/retail lots
  • Lighting for trails, walk-ways, & pedestrian paths
  • Architectural building
  • Security and perimeter
  • Flood and wall washing

Model Lineup

ETG-SBS100-WL740-P1-L6-03M11.5 lbs.17.5"L x 15"W x 3.3"H>704000K15,000100150>37,000 hrs>72,000 hrs1.9 ft²
ETG-SBS150-WL740-P1-L6-03M11.5 lbs.17.5"L x 15"W x 3.3"H>704000K22,500150150>37,000 hrs>72,000 hrs1.9 ft²
ETG-SBS240-WL740-P1-L6-03M13.5 lbs.17.5"L x 15"W x 3.3"H>704000K36,000240150>37,000 hrs>72,000 hrs1.9 ft²
contact factory for additional 4000K and 5000K options


Part Number AdderDescription - built on the light
P1ON/OFF 120~277 VAC
Part NumberDescription
ETG-SBSL-02M-1Type 2 Medium for 100-150 watt fixture*
ETG-SBSL-02M-2Type 2 Medium for 240 watt fixture*
ETG-SBSL-04M-1Type 4 Medium for 100-150 watt fixture*
ETG-SBSL-04M-2Type 4 Medium for 240 watt fixture*
ETG-SBSL-05M-1Type 5 Medium for 100-150 watt fixture*
ETG-SBSL-05M-2Type 5 Medium for 240 watt fixture*
*Special order: contact factory for lead times/details
HARDWARE OPTIONS (Additional cost)
Part NumberDescription
ETG-BKT-SBS-UNVUniversal Mounting Bracket for round pole, square pole, slip fitter and wall mounting
ETG-SEN-7P-MV-DIM7 pin Daylight Sensor with constant lux maintain and midnight dimming-down
ETG-SBS-KIT-M5-1Step dimming motion sensor with install plate, 120-277VAC for 100 to 150 watt
ETG-SBS-KIT-M5-2Step dimming motion sensor with install plate, 120-277VAC for 240 watt

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-299Click Here to Download
Installation GuideClick Here to Download
Dimming Control GuideLMAN0083Click Here to Download
Universal Mounting Bracket DrawingHL-310Click Here to Download
Atlas Shoe Box Series IES FilesClick Here to Download
5 Year WarrantyWarranty PageClick Here to Download
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