8ft. White LED Linears

Horner Lighting Group offers a variety of White LED Linear luminaire options. Along with a multitude of add-on accessories for any situation, our line of White LED Linear products are a perfect fit for indoor high, low and aisle bay applications.

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Our 4ft. and 8ft. White LED Linears are powerful, efficient, and some of them are even DLC certified. Utilizing the same proven design as our flagship Remote Phosphor LED Linears, we have translated that over into the realm of White LEDs. Perfect for high bay lighting applications in industrial settings, retail, or manufacturing, our White LED Linears are durable, versatile, and powerful. With an extruded aluminum casing, high-quality white LEDs, and a plethora of options and adders, these 4ft and 8ft fixtures are well-suited and customizable for most indoor uses.


  • Instant strike
  • -40°C to 50°C ambient temperature
  • Dimmable option, enabling the use of occupancy sensors for power savings
  • Universal AC input/full range, 120~277 VAC
  • Made in USA with global components
  • On/Off motion sensor option


  • No horizontal dust collecting surface bulbs
  • No glass, no mercury
  • Certain models DLC Certified
  • 5 year warranty

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions10 × 110 × 5 in
Model Number


Model Lineup

4 ft Linear
ETG-WLL-10603.53 lbs.49"L x 3.1"W x 3"H80+5000K8,82060147.2>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-10803.53 lbs.49"L x 3.1"W x 3"H80+5000K11,36080142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-21207.3 lbs.49"L x 6.1"W x 3"H80+5000K17,664120147.2>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-21607.3 lbs.49"L x 6.1"W x 3"H80+5000K22,720160142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-324010.9 lbs.49"L x 10.6"W x 3"H80+5000K34,080240142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-432014.6 lbs.49"L x 15.1"W x 3"H80+5000K45,440320142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-WLL-648021.8 lbs.49"L x 24.1"W x 3"H80+5000K68,160480142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
8 ft Linear
ETG-W8LL-10807.5 lbs.96"L x 3.1"W x 3"H80+5000K12,08080151>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-W8LL-11607.5 lbs.96"L x 3.1"W x 3"H80+5000K22,720160142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.
ETG-W8LL-232014.8 lbs.96"L x 6.1"W x 3"H80+5000K45,440320142>220,000 hrs.>60,000 hrs.



Part Number AdderDescription
P1ON/OFF 120~277 VAC
P2480 VAC
P4Dimming 120~277 VAC
# TubesWeightLengthWidthHeight
2 Tubes7.30 lbs.49.00″6.10″3.00″

Part Number Adder

B14Raised Unistrut Mount
B16Clip on Unistrut Mount
B17Combined Raised Unistrut Mount + Clip on Unistrut Mount
B18Bumpers for Window Mount
B19Double High Clip on Unistrut Mount
D1Step Dimming 30-100%
D2Step Dimming 50-100%
D3Step Dimming Adjustable
D4Rotary Dimmer
E1Conformal coated Board
G16 ft cord with Molded 5-15 120 VAC Plug
G26 ft cord with Molded L7-15 277 VAC Plug
M1ON/OFF Motion
M2ON/OFF Motion Cold
R1Remote Mount Driver with 10 foot cable
Product NumberDescription
ETG-WLBR015-25ft. White Low Bay Reflector
ETG-LBR115-25ft. Low Bay Reflector
ETG-HBR125-40ft. High Bay Reflector
ETG-ABR130ft Aisle or 40ft Area Reflector
ETG-WLBR01 Low Bay White Reflector
52° angle light distribution
ETG-YSM-5x2 Y-Style mounts, 2 hooks/ea, 5ft cable
(will mount 1 linear light)
ETG-WHM-5x2 single wire mounts, 1 hook/ea, 5ft cable
(will need 2 sets to mount 1 linear light)
ETG-YTM-10x2 Y-Style mounts, 2 toggle ends, 10ft cable
(will mount 1 linear light)
ETG-PSMx1 pendant style mount
(no mounting cables)
ETG-AY2T-12Two non-adjusting toggle mounts
12 in (will mount One, 1, 2, 3-Tube Linear)
ETG-AY2T-18Two non-adjusting toggle mounts
18 in (will mount One, 4 or 6-Tube Linear)

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-160Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0032Click Here to Download
DOE Lighting Facts Certification ETG-R300Click Here to Download
WLL Series IES FilesClick Here to Download