4ft. RP LED Linear – 3 Modules

Horner Lighting Group offers a varietyof linear remote phosphor luminaire options. Along with a multitude of add-on accessories for any situation, our line of Linear Remote Phosphor LED products are a perfect fit for indoor high, low and aisle bay applications.   

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The award-winning, state-of-the-art Horner LED Linear Remote Phosphor series offers the greatest flexibility to suite a variety of applications. Available with high, medium, and low bay reflector options, the LRP series can be equipped with a variety of controls options, including various automation, dimming, and power options.

Sizes also fit any application – available up to 6 tubes per fixture, 4 or 8 foot sections. The sleek, rugged LRP design and variety of luminaire output options leads to time savings during installation and long-term energy cost savings. A variety of CRI and lumen output options can be customized to fit any illumination need, from detailed settings requiring a high CRI to aisle or warehouse work environments needing sufficient, safe light.


  • Instant strike
  • Glare free and uniform light distribution
  • High CRI options
  • Dimmable option, enabling the use of occupancy sensors for power savings
  • Universal AC input/full range, 120~277 VAC
  • Made in USA with global components


  • Up to 30% higher system efficacy compared to conventional LEDs
  • Smooth light output, even when dimmed
  • No glass, no mercury
  • ETL*
  • Longer lifetime
  • 5-year warranty

Model Lineup

1 Tube
ETG-LRP-10403.53 lbs.3.10" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*42004010596,000
ETG-LRP-10803.53 lbs.3.10" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*84008010596,000
2 Tube
ETG-LRP-21607.30 lbs.6.10" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*1680016010596,000
3 Tube
ETG-LRP-324010.90 lbs.10.60" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*2520024010596,000
4 Tube
ETG-LRP-432014.60 lbs.14.60" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*3360032010596,000
6 Tube
ETG-LRP-648021.80 lbs.21.80" x 49" x 3"80 CRI5000K*5040048010596,000
8' Linear
1 Tube
ETG-L8RP-10807.50 lbs.3.10" x 96" x 3"80 CRI5000K*84008010596,000
ETG-L8RP-11607.50 lbs.3.10" x 96" x 3"80 CRI5000K*1680016010596,000
2 Tube
ETG-L8RP-232014.80 lbs.6.13" x 96" x 3"80 CRI5000K*3360032010596,000


ADDER OPTIONS (Built on the light)
Part NumberDescription4ft.8 ft
P1 (standard)ON/OFF 120~277 VACYESYES
P2 (available for 160W fixtures and higher)480 VACYESYES
P4Dimming 120~277 VACYESYES
Phosphor Options
Part NumberDescription4ft.8 ft
C1 (standard)5000K 80 CRIYESYES
ADDITIONAL OPTIONS (Built on the light)Description
B14Raised Unistrut Mount
B18Bumpers for Window Mount
D4Rotary Dimmer
G16 ft cord with Molded 5-15 120 VAC Plug
G26 ft cord with Molded L7-15 277 VAC Plug
M1ON/OFF Motion
M2ON/OFF Motion Cold
M6Motion Sensor with Step Dimming
R1 Remote Mount Driver with 10 foot cable
-011Wired for battery back up
-0441-6 Tube: End gaskets on each tube for dust and debris
ETG-WLBR01 low bay 4 ft white reflector with 2 clips, highly reflective with 98% diffused
ETG-LBR11 low bay 4 ft specular reflector with 2 clips, 52° angle light distribution
ETG-HBR11 high bay 4 ft specular reflectors with 2 clips, 44° angle light distribution
ETG-ABR11 aisle bay 4 ft specular reflectors with 2 clips, 33° angle light distribution
ETG-BKT-B27One set of 2 linear clip-on mounting brackets for units with power supplies with Unistrut/surface mounting. (Will Mount 1 linear Light)
ETG-DIM-100K-06100K Potentiometer Dimming Assembly with a 6 foot dimming wire lead
ETG-DIM-100K-12100K Potentiometer Dimming Assembly with a 12 foot dimming wire lead
ETG-DIM-SLD-06SLIDE DIMMER in 2x4 box with 2 top and 2 bottom 1/2" conduit 6' foot cable
ETG-DIM-SLD-12SLIDE DIMMER in 2x4 box with 2 top and 2 bottom 1/2" conduit 12' foot

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
Sales SheetHL-136Click Here to Download
Supplemental Sales SheetHL-224Click Here to Download
Indoor Accordion BrochureHL-148Click Here to Download
Combined BookletHL-303Click Here to Download
Installation GuideLMAN0009Click Here to Download
DatasheetLMAN0008Click Here to Download
M1 Sensor Installation GuideClick Here to Download
LRP Series IES FilesClick Here to Download
5 Year WarrantyWarranty PageClick Here to Download


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