When you see a floor in a showroom, you want to see that same floor in your home, but the showroom’s lighting and your home’s lighting don’t always agree. “We’vehadsome issues in the past where people get the material in their home with more exposure to daylight, things can look a little bit different,” said Jason Gnagy, CFO of ICC Floors. One problem with many showrooms is that they don’t receive as much natural light as customers’ homes.


With products that are color sensitive and will be under different lights, such as flooring orother interior design (and even things that are outside, like siding), Horner can provide a custom lighting solution to provide the best possible product appearance in the showroom. We knew ICC needed to replicate natural sunlight as closely as they could, without being glaringly or offensively bright. ICC was also looking for improved, durable lighting in their warehouse space as well as improved power/energy savings, overall.


In a partnership with Eco Lighting Solutions, ICC Floors installed Horner Lighting’s red-enhanced 4-foot linears. Customers noticed a clear difference right away.

“We’re just happy we can offer close to true color right here in the store,” Gnagy said. The red-enhanced Remote Phosphor Linears create a bright, color-revealing/enhancing light source that is energy efficient and easy on the eyes. The warehouse benefitted from our regular Remote Phosphor Linears as well – perfect for ICC’s high bay application.