Poor color rendering, dim, and antiquated – not exactly the type of words you want to hear associated with our education system. Luckily, we’re just talking about lighting in the Norwalk Catholic Schools, Norwalk, OH, middle and high school gymnasiums. The 400W traditional HID fixtures used to illuminate the two school’s gymnasiums had terrible color rendering (shades of white looked yellow, while red looked maroon); could not create unique lighting schemes; nor did they truly provide enough general lighting to easily watch whatever was going on.


Horner Lighting saw a chance to brighten, modernize, and reduce costs for both the middle and high school gymnasiums. The first goal needing accomplished was improving the overall quality and amount of general lighting. Second, Horner would need to help create custom lighting schemes. Finally, everything would need to be easy-to-use, energy efficient, and low maintenance (helping save time and money during the lifetime of the fixture).


Utilizing CHB200s and CHB150s to replace 30 400W HID fixtures at the high school and CHB150s to replace 24 300W Mercury Vapor fixtures at the middle school, our team at Horner Lighting was able to increase light levels on the floor near the end/base line from 25 FC to 60 FC; light levels at center court increased from 45 FC to75 FC! The fine-tuning of the quality LEDs on the CHBs improved color rendering to a more natural state (white looks white and red looks red). Implementing an XL4 OCS controller and CsHop lighting controls, we enabled the school to easily manage custom lighting schemes for plays, games, and even mass with the bishop