Project Description



While working with multimillion dollar robotic welding equipment to fabricate materials for high-end, luxury automobiles, you do not want to be faced with down time on your production line, especially to change a light bulb! That’s exactly one of the problems an automotive manufacturer customer of ours was challenged with on an increasing basis. Routine maintenance for the traditional 400W HID fixtures were becoming too frequent due to burnout bulbs – causing the customer to lose production time, waste energy, and squander resources.


Horner Lighting saw a chance to greatly improve the maintenance schedule of the plant and reduce fixture failure rates, while simultaneously increasing overall production output for the line itself, and of course, improve the quality and distribution of necessary general lighting.


By replacing the automotive plant’s traditional 400W HID fixtures in their weld cells (where the high-cost robotic equipment is being utilized) with our CHB150s and CHB100s, the team at Horner Lighting was able to increase their overall general lighting from 60FC to 120 FC. Our rugged CHB series fine-tuned their light quality, helping to improve safety for their employees, reduce maintenance frequency and time (less down-time on the line), and empower the plant in many aspects of their service offering (such as inspection lighting, task lighting, general lighting, specialty fixtures, etc. etc.). The powerful output and engineering of the Horner CHB series installed in this facility are as reputable and dependable as the cars which they manufacture.