Marijuana Grow Lighting

Horner Lighting Group takes pride in our ability to create a vast array of state-of-the-art lighting solutions.  One of those being marijuana grow lighting!

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Our hands-on approach here at Horner Lighting Group allows us to collaborate with your business to assure you are getting the exact marijuana grow lighting solution you are looking for!

Our Marijuana Grow Lights lower energy consumption.

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Blue Grass Farm Case Study

A few years ago Horner Lighting Group had the distinct pleasure of assisting Jacqui Smith, and the team over at Blue Grass Farm’s in their quest to find a lighting solution that would help with their medical marijuana business.

During their growing process, they utilize three separate rooms within their farm: a clone room, a vegetative room, and a flowering room. Plants pass through the various rooms to ensure a fresh harvest for patients every week. The clone and vegetative rooms were outfitted with metal halide light fixtures for optimal growing. High pressure sodium lights were used in the flowering stage when the plants need the most intense light.

However, just after the first three months of using the HID lights, the owners realized that all the bulbs needed to be changed because they were not emitting as much light. Although changing the bulbs every three months was not physically taxing, the cost and time needed for changing the bulbs became another unexpected expenditure and concern. “They are not environmentally friendly, those bulbs,” explained Jacqui Smith. “If you’re changing them every three months, you have to find someplace to get rid them so they can be safely disposed of.” Blue Grass Farm struggled to find a reliable recycling company that would dispose of the HID bulbs in a safe manner.