Improve ROI, grow your business, and breathe easy with the yield-improving technology of LED Linear Grow Lights. Among the most carefully designed series in the horticultural lighting industry, LED Linear Grow Lights not only improve the output of energy needed for environmental agriculture, but also the yield of their crops. Through a strategic combination of deep red and royal blue, or optional amber, green, and white LEDs, the entire spectrum of the PAR range is utilized for improving plant growth, and maintaining facility costs. The simple installation, low-heat and durable design position LED Linear Grow Lights as an efficient investment sure to make your organization bloom.

LED Linear Grow Light Series
ETG-WLL-1080-P1-C40, ETG-WLL-2160-P1-C40, ETG-WLL-3240-P1-C40

ETG-WLL-4320-P1-C40, ETG-WLL-6480-P1-C40, ETG-WLL-9720-P1-C40