Benefits of Remote Phosphor LED

In remote Phosphor Technology, the phosphor is separated from the LED itself and utilized in a remote substrate or plate. White light materializes when Royal Blue LED light passes through the remote phosphor, creating one visible light source, the phosphor itself, rather than several glaring diodes. This new advanced technology creates glare reduction, less color shift, increases efficiency, reduced heat, and lifecycle enhancement.

There are many different types of applications to which remote phosphor LED fixtures can be applied, such as: retail sales environments, auto dealerships, warehouse or factory, the grocery industry, security lighting, high-detail inspection settings, gymnasiums, and automated lighting systems. In terms of price, remote phosphor LED fixtures are priced competitively when compared to other types of lighting options. However, when it comes to quality of product, light output, and energy over time, our fixtures help provide customers with long-term savings. Here’s how:

Energy and Output:

Remote phosphor technology can help give longer life, better quality, and less wasted energy. Remote phosphor fixtures can heavily benefit any function looking for longer life with better quality. In terms of life, high-powered white LEDs have an estimated useful lifetime of 35000-50000 hours. With our remote phosphor lighting, we have seen 96000 hours @ L90 in most products.

Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, cannot hold a candle to our remote phosphor LEDs’ performance. Depending on the type of fluorescent tube, their life rating is somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 hours.

Quality of Product

The value of high-powered, long-lasting lighting is evident. True quality lighting combines this with close attention to consumer needs and effective light diffusion. Our remote phosphor LEDs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are available as downlights, bay lights, and linear tubes, but they can also be customized.

In terms of custom solutions using remote phosphor LED, we have designed custom mounting, light blends, unique light shapes, and per-order retrofits. Our fixtures can help meet your needs, even with special power requirements.

Our remote phosphor LEDs emit smooth, visually appealing lighting. Even spaces required to meet particular lighting standards, like retail, can benefit from our remote phosphor products. Our balanced LED lighting can be customized to meet your needs for color temperature, CRI, and more.

While other options may offer lower up-front costs, that does not mean they are more cost-effective. Our lighting solutions are well-suited to meet many customer needs. The long-term energy savings, customizable specifications, and high quality of our Horner remote phosphor LEDs give them undeniable value.