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Horner Lighting Controls Solutions

The Horner suite of lighting controls solutions allow for easy monitoring of all lighting functions, including dimming, motion control, occupancy, and ambient light sensing, resulting in cost savings and increased site management. Viewable on-site or from a remote location, the Horner suite is easy-to-install and easily customizable with our cost-free software platform, Cscape.

  • Optimize monitoring to adjust for high demand vs. non-peak hours and ambient light savings
  • Take advantage of dimming, ambient light and occupancy sensing to reduce energy costs
  • Utilize wireless networking for expanded coverage and fail safe functionality

Horner OCS devices offer an intelligent combination of lighting management, energy usage data-logging, and a user friendly touch-screen interface. The control devices are ready to use, and can be programmed to work with any lighting needs in an all-in-one package.

Since 1949, Horner has been a trusted partner for customers ranging from OEMs to electrical contractors. When you select Horner Lighting Group as a partner for your lighting needs, you’ve chosen not only a trusted lighting provider, but a proven automation controls company.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Control light groups from location
  • Daylighting and Title 24 compliance by scheduling illumination times
  • Wireless Compatibility
  • System Monitoring
  • Powerful trending and data-logging
  • Built-in graphical user interface
  • Optional Remote Monitoring with Cscape and EnvisionRV Software
  • Mobile Friendly web app
  • Configured for maximum energy savings for lighting

Lighting Controls SolutionsAll-In-One Integrated Controllers
Our sister division, Horner Automation Group, specializes in the Global Automation Market. Our products include: Operator Control Stations (OCS: an all-in-one integrated controller); Conveyor Controllers for use with brushed and brushless rollers; Horner-brand products that can be used with GE Fanuc programmable controllers; and the TIU range of operator interface stations that support over 100 brands of programmable controllers, motion control products and drives. Being the leader in providing all-in-one control, Horner APG offers the widest range of integrated control products in the world.

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SmartRailWireless & Wired Lighting Controls Capabilities
Along with the Horner Automation Lighting Control suite, our systems offer wireless control and monitoring. CsAir wireless networking uses 2.4GHz mesh technology, allowing multiple controllers to talk wirelessly to a variety of lighting control hub stations.

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Daylighting SchedulesDaylighting and Title 24 Compliance

Lighting system scheduling further increases the automation of the system and leads to reduced energy
expenses. Schedules can be configured for each hour of the day, day of the year.

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Lighting System MonitoringLighting System Monitoring
Combining the power of our lighting controls and I/O systems, this allows for real-time monitoring. You can monitor in real-time of 3-phase power with voltage, current, power factor, alarms, and much more.

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