ZX Series

The ZX series is our largest, most powerful all-in-one controller. The ZX series contains advanced control capabilities, high-resolution graphics, and plenty of connectivity options.

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The ZX Series units are powerful All-In-One controllers with vibrant color graphics, embedded Ethernet and a variety of available screen sizes, 7”, 15” and 22”

All units feature:

  • Advanced integrated operator interface and control engine, with 4x the logic and register memory of other OCS series
  • Multiple USB & serial ports, 2 Ethernet ports and 2 CAN ports
  • Video Output port, allowing a slave monitor to mirror the content of the main screen
  • All metal construction
  • Wide-range DC power supply
  • IP66 environmental rating, which is superior to NEMA 12, but less than NEMA 4
  • Embedded Ethernet – the ZX supports HTTP web pages, FTP file transfer, Modbus/TCP Master and Modbus/TCP slave, and all other Horner standard protocols 
  • Advanced ladder logic and the full IEC language sets are supported, online programming
  • SmartRail I/O is the recommended I/O system for ZX' however, SmartStix, SmartBlock and RCX with SmartStack are supported as well

HE-ZX452 7" WVGA (800x480) display at 800nits, 1 RS-232 port, 1 RS-485 port and 2 USB ports
HE-ZX752 15" XGA (1024x768) display at 350nits, 2 RS-232 ports, 1 RS-485 port, 4 USB ports
HE-ZX1152 22" HD (1920x1080) display at 300nits, 2 RS-232 ports, 1 RS-485 port, 4 USB ports